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WoodyValley GTO Light

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GTO Light is the Light version of the popular GTO X-Alps with a proven record of being excellent for pilots that loves to fly long distance.

GTO Light uses lighter materials and with additional improvements on the design to accommodate requirements of pilots that will embark on a Vol-Biv flights.

It inherited the comfort and reliability of the GTO while maintaining the durability even for the most demanding pilots that are on a mountain hike.

Further details of GTO Light including its product video can be viewed at Woody Valley's website : https://www.woodyvalley.eu/en/pro/gto-light/

Technical data:

CertificationEN – LTF
Type of closing strap systemGet-Up with anti-forget system
Type of back protection16 cm foam protection and Lightshield protection (TÜV cat. 2)
Number of certificationEAPR-GZ-0831/18

Working load

120 daN
Rescue containerUnder the seat, with lateral handle
Volume of the reserve parachute housing3000 – 5000 cm3
Weight*2,92 Kg3,05 Kg3,28 Kg3,37 Kg
Distance between karabiner and seat46 cm48 cm50,5 cm52 cm
Karabiner-to-karabiner distance (min. max.)37,5 – 48 cm37,5 – 51,5 cm
Higher ballast capacity1 litre
Lower ballast capacity3,8 litres4,5 litres5,3 litres5,7 litres

*Total weight, including reserve parachute handles, karabiners, protection, speed-bar.

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