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Ozone Angel SQ

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The Angel SQ has a relatively large surface area, yet is very light in weight, giving exceptional sink rate and stability performance with fast opening times. The large surface area is the principal ingredient in its excellent sink rate — all sizes of the Angel SQ provide plenty of margin within the weight ranges they are certified to carry.

Where the Angel SQ really shines is in its high pendulum stability, which can be even more important than sink rate performance. During the development process, which included many real-life test deployments, the Angel SQ’s low sink rate and high pendulum stability delivered consistently safe and comfortable descents.

The Angel SQ is lighter than the equivalent sized Angel, while retaining the small pack volume.


Loading Size (kg)100120140220
Area (m2)29.134.840.763.8
Span (m)5.826.376.898.63
Weight (kg)1.241.541.772.65
Sink rate (m/s)
Line consumption (m)99.3133.2141.6200.8
System height (m)5.856.46.558.9
CertificationEN & LTFEN & LTFEN & LTFEN & LTF

Manufacturer's product page : https://www.flyozone.com/paragliders/products/reserves/the-angel-sq

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